Personalized Vitamins | Custom Multivitamins Tailored to Your Genetics

Personalized Vitamins

With your purchase, we'll also include a free Vitamins DNA Test ($49 value).

Product Information

Utilizing 27 specific genetic markers in your DNA, our scientists uncover and identify the vitamins and minerals your body may need more of so you can feel and look your best every day. A single vitamin capsule containing these specific nutrients is then created just for you and delivered straight to your door. Gone are the days of running out each month and spending extra money on multiple bottles of generic vitamins. Save with a single vitamin plan designed specifically for you, formulated with a selection of the highest quality nutrients without the use of artificial fillers or binders. 


    How It Works

    Step 1.
    We send you a FREE Vitamins DNA Test to you in the mail.

    Step 2.
    Swab your mouth for 30 seconds and send the kit back to us.

    Step 3.
    We analyze your DNA to determine which vitamins you may need more of in your diet. You’ll have access to this report.

    Step 4.
    Your custom blended vitamins are created based on your report.

    Step 5.
    You receive your vitamins in a bottle directly at your door!