Skin Aging DNA Test | DNA Testing for Skin Aging by Orig3n

Your test will include analysis of these genes:

  • Antioxidant enzymes (GPX1)
  • Collagen breakdown (MMP1)
  • Photo aging (STXBP5L)
  • Skin renewal (NQO1)
  • Skin wrinkling (MMP3)
  • Sugar-induced aging (AGER)

Skin Aging

The Skin Aging DNA Test is a gene profile that reveals your skin’s genetic predisposition toward aging:

  • Might your skin be particularly sensitive to wrinkling?
  • Might your collagen break down quickly?
  • Could your body be susceptible to decreased antioxidant activity?

NOTE: The Skin Aging DNA Test is a subset of the more complete Beauty DNA Test.

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