Metabolism DNA Test

Your test will include analysis of these genes:

  • Age-related metabolism (APOE)
  • Fatty acid response (FADS1)
  • Fatty acid sensitivity (APOE)
  • Fat processing ability (FABP2)
  • Monounsaturated fat (PPARG)
  • Sweet tooth (SLC2A2)


The Metabolism DNA Test is a gene profile that provides insights into how your body may store and process fat.

  • What do your genes say about how full you may feel after meals?
  • Might your genes contribute to cravings for sugar?
  • Are your genes potentially influencing how efficiently you break down good or bad fats?
  • Is your body genetically predisposed to a tendency to gain and hold onto weight?

NOTE: The Metabolism DNA Test is a subset of the more complete Fitness DNA Test.

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