LifeSystems by Orig3n

LifeSystems by Orig3n

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs and scientists, Orig3n is leading a transformation in the understanding and treatment of rare, genetically inherited diseases.  

Our science is based on Nobel Prize-winning regenerative medicine technology, and our approach will replace the trial-and-error guesswork of diagnosing and treating disease.

We've established the world's largest uniformly consented cell repository to better understand the cellular and molecular foundations of disease. The cells are ever-renewing and give rise to a living database of humanity we call LifeCapsule. This biorepository is used to create LifeSystems cellular models available to help researchers accelerate the development of safer and more effective drugs.

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Orig3n is located in the exciting Innovation District of Boston.
27 Drydock Ave. 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02210