Your test will include analysis of these key contributors to football greatness:

PERFORMANCE Were you built for power? Are you perfectly suited for going the distance? See how your genes stack up when it comes to athletic performance.
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  • Endurance (ACE)
  • Energy output (ADRB3)
  • Muscle efficiency (BDKRB2)
  • Muscle function (ADRB2)
  • Training response (EDN1)
TOUGHNESS Can you explode down the field and turn on a dime? Are your bones tough and your joints flexible? Check out your genetic code for musculoskeletal strength.
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  • Flexibility (COL5A1)
  • Muscle power (AGT)
  • Muscle force (ACTN3)
  • Muscle mass (VDR)
  • Strength building (MSTN)
RESILIENCE Can you tolerate pain and handle high-intensity workouts — day after day? Discover whether your genes make you more likely to bounce back after a hit.
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  • Post-exercise cellular repair (SOD2)
  • Workout recovery time (NFE2L2)
  • Pain tolerance (GCH1, SCN9A)
SPIRIT Football isn't just about muscle — you also need heart. Find out if you have the innate ability to stay positive, be tight with your team, and learn from mistakes.
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  • Empathy (OXTR)
  • Happiness (FAAH)
  • Warrior or worrier (COMT)


The John Lynch Gameplan DNA test reveals whether your genes have the raw potential 49ers GM John Lynch looks for in a player, from power and flexibility to resilience and spirit.

  • Can you take a hit and pop back up?
  • Do you think fast on your feet?
  • Are you fierce when you need to be — but calm off the field?

These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the John Lynch GAMEPLAN DNA test.

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