Your test will include analysis of these key behavioral aspects:

ADDICTION What’s your genetic risk for dependence and addiction? We test genes that play a role in how alcohol, cannabis, and other opiates affect you.
  • Nicotine dependence (CHRNA4)
  • Craving (CNR1)
  • Marijuana dependence (CNR1)
  • Heavy drinking (GABRA2)
  • Marijuana dependence (PENK)
  • Alcohol withdrawal (SLC6A3)
  • Heavy drinking (SLC6A4)
FEELINGS Learn how your genes can influence your feelings of empathy, euphoria, and stimulation in response to amphetamines, nicotine, or marijuana.
  • Happiness (FAAH)
  • Euphoria (OPRM1)
  • Empathy (OXTR)
  • Positive mood (SLC6A2)
BEHAVIOR Are you a thrill seeker? We test certain genes that can impact impulsive behavior and motor skills.
  • Caffeine anxiety (ADORA2A)
  • Motor impairment (AKT1)
  • Paranoia response (AKT1)
  • Agreeable mood (CLOCK)
  • Food reward (DRD2)
  • Risk behavior (DRD4)
  • Panic (RGS2)
  • Compulsive (TPH2)
TOLERANCE Are you a warrior or a worrier? Learn how your genes can determine your tolerance to stress and pain.
  • Warrior or worrier (COMT)
  • Migraine sensitivity (ESR1)
  • Pain sensitivity (GCH1)
  • Pain sensitivity (SCN9A)
  • Joint pain sensitivity (TRPV1)


This 24-gene profile offers a deeper look into how your DNA affects your brain and how you think, feel, act, and react. If you’ve ever wondered about the links between your personality and your genes, this is for you.

  • Do your genes put you at risk of dependence or addiction?
  • Do your genes make you more or less empathetic when using drugs?
  • How does your DNA impact your tolerance to stress and pain?

These are some of the things you can learn about yourself with the BLISS DNA test. 

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