Your test will include analysis of these key aspects of child development:

ENLIGHTENMENT Does your child have a natural aptitude for learning new languages? Or the potential to become a math whiz? We test genes linked to perfect pitch, mathematical skills, and other cognitive abilities.
  • Language learning (FOXP2)
  • Education attainment (Chromosome 6)
  • Memory (SNAP25)
  • Reading ability (DCDC2)
  • Verbal/numerical reasoning and memory (AKAP6)
  • Episodic memory (MIR2113)
  • Math ability (FAM3A)
  • Perfect pitch (ASAP1)
  • Music pattern and music listening (AVPR1A)
  • Noise-induced hearing loss (HSPA1L)
FITNESS Which sports are a good match for your child? We look at genes affecting strength, muscle force, endurance, and other capabilities that may influence sports performance.
  • Power and strength (ACTN3)
  • Endurance (ACE)
  • Bone strength (SOST)
  • Joint strength and flexibility (COL5a1)
HEALTH Is your child better at resisting the dreaded stomach flu? Are they just saying "I’m not tired," or do they actually need less sleep? Explore the role DNA plays in your child’s health and well-being – today and tomorrow.
  • Sleep duration (ARNTL)
  • Sleep disruption (PPARGC1B)
  • Norwalk virus resistance (FUT2)
  • Prion disease resistance (PRNP)
  • Adolescent behavior (CHRM2)
NUTRITION Does your child have a sweet tooth or a genetic intolerance to lactose? We test genes that help you better tailor your child’s diet to his/her unique DNA.
  • Folate levels (MTHFR)
  • Sweet tooth (SLC2A2)
  • Cilantro aversion (ORIOA2)
  • Lactose intolerance (MCM6)
  • Feeling full (FTO)


This 24-gene profile will start you and your child on the path to lifelong discovery. From food allergies to natural abilities for language and learning, the results help you get to know your child even better.

  • Does your child have the genes to easily learn new languages?
  • Is your child more likely to have tooth decay or experience sleep issues?
  • Which sports are a good match for your child?

These are some of the things you can learn about your child with the BLOOM DNA test. 

Delivery times for certain genes will be delayed by 3-4 weeks.

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