Your test will include analysis of these key aspects of running performance:

NUTRITION Certain substances can help or hinder athletic performance. Discover how your genes may impact those effects.
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  • Caffeine metabolism (CYP1A2)
  • Alcohol breakdown (ALDH2)
TRAINING See your body’s unique predispositions toward muscle and joint strength, flexibility, and efficiency.
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  • Training response (EDN1)
  • Muscle efficiency (BDKRB2)
  • Energy output (ADRB3)
  • Lean body mass (TRHR)
  • Flexibility (COL5a1)
RECOVERY How quickly will you bounce back after a run — and how likely are you to get injured? Your genes may provide some insight.
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  • Exercise recovery (IL-6)
  • Joint workout response (GDF5)
ENDURANCE Find out whether you’re built for endurance — or for speed.
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  • VO2 Max (ADRB2)
  • Pain tolerance (GCH1, SCN9A)


The Run DNA Test is a multi-gene profile that helps you understand how your DNA could affect your running performance, development, and recovery — so you can fine-tune your training regimen and reach your goals faster.

  • Are you more likely to be built for speed — or endurance?
  • Does your body have a tendency to bulk up — or slim down?
  • How quickly might you bounce back after a run?

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